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Website development on CMS WordPress

What exactly are we doing?

Development on WordPress

We develop sites of any complexity. As a basis for the site we use CMS WordPress.

By 2021, WordPress has become the most popular and secure solution in the world. In addition, it saves a lot of development when compared to development from scratch.

Development of online stores

We develop online stores and functionality for them, based on WooCommerce.

If you decide it’s time to put your sales online? Write to us, we will be glad to help you.

Development of plugins

Maybe you already have a website and you just want some extra functionality to it?

We can help you with this and develop plugins for WordPress or WooCommerce.

Website support

In addition to supporting sites that we have developed ourselves, we also support projects developed by others. Support may include the development of additional functionality, bug fixes on the site, and other small work.

Write to us for details.

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